Warehouse on Wheels, also known as WOW, is a family of companies specializing in solving business needs in a multitude of industries by providing storage, cartage, and over the road trailers. We provide solutions to our customers from the first mile to the second-to-last mile of their supply chain, and our purpose is to make our customer’s lives easier. Our core values include doing the right thing, and having a can do attitude.

In 2017, we started with two locations in Evansville, Indiana and Memphis, Tennessee with around 5,400 units. Since then, we have expanded to more than 30 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and have grown our asset base to over 36,000 units. Our current team has overseen and integrated numerous acquisitions and launched multiple new greenfield locations. All strategic acquisitions and developments have placed us within key markets, filled coverage gaps in our network, and placed us within close proximity of our customers.

If you’re interested in how Warehouse on Wheels can optimize your business, contact your local WOW brand office. We’re so excited to begin working with you!

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WOW Timeline


53' dry van rental
June 2017 – Milton Street Capital acquires Meisler Trailer Rentals


53' storage trailers for rent
March 2018 – Acquisition of First In Trailer (FITS)


storage trailer rentals
February 2019 – Acquisition of Fleet Trailer Rentals


Commercial trailer buyers near me
February 2020 – Acquisition of Advantage Trailer Rentals


best place to sell a dry van trailer
December 2020 – Acquisition of Arizona Trailer Rentals


sell your 53’ dry van semi-trailer
May 2021 – Wind Point Partners acquires American Trailer Rental Group


dry van storage rental
December 2021 – Acquisition of Smartway


storage trailers for rent
December 2021 – Acquisition of Colorado Trailer Rentals


semi trailer rental
January 2022 – Acquisition of B&W Trailer Rentals


semi trailer leasing
February 2022 – Acquisition of PMF Trailer Rentals


dry van storage rental
September 2023 – Acquisition of Loue Van Location De Remorques


warehouse on wheels
January 2024 – ATRG becomes Warehouse On Wheels

About Our Family Of Brands

Here at WOW, we understand that many businesses require the resources of a large company, with readily available customer and product support locally. Our local decision making allows us to tailor our locations to the needs of the areas they service. Each of our ten brands serves a key market within the U.S. with a variety of locations built to serve you. We provide services within approximately a 150-mile radius of each of our locations.

Meisler Trailer Rentals

Our Meisler brand proudly serves a great expanse of the Ohio River Valley, with locations in Evansville, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Jeffersonville, IN; Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; Louisville, KY; and St. Louis, MO. In addition, 24/7 secure drop-lot storage is offered at all of our locations. Founded nearly 50 years ago in Evansville, Meisler Trailer Rentals became a part of the WOW team in 2017.

FITS Trailer Rentals

Our FITS brand, also known as First in Trailer Service, serves the Greater Cincinnati area in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio with locations in Cincinnati, OH; Columbus, OH; Walton, KY; Georgetown, KY; Parkersburg, WV. In addition, 24/7 secure drop-lot storage is offered at our locations in Walton and Cincinnati. FITS has been serving the Northern Kentucky and Ohio area since 1997, and became a part of our team in 2018.

FLEET Trailer Rentals

Our FLEET brand serves one of the largest transportation hubs in the Midwest, headquartered in Kansas City, KS. Our location includes 24/7 secure drop-lot storage. Founded in 2007 and acquired in 2019, FLEET serves the Missouri and Kansas area.

Advantage Trailer Rentals

Our Advantage brand diligently serves several Southern US markets. Our Texas locations include Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Laredo, Houston, Austin, and Forney. We are also in Alabama with locations in Montgomery, Huntsville, Dothan, and Birmingham. We have recently expanded to Mableton, Georgia and Las Vegas, Nevada. 24/7 secure drop-lot storage is offered at all of our Texas locations. Advantage was founded in 1985 and has been a part of WOW since 2020.

Arizona Trailer Rentals

Our Arizona brand serves the Southwest market with locations throughout the state in Phoenix and Tucson. 24/7 secure drop-lot storage is offered at all of our locations! Arizona Trailer Rentals was founded in 1979 with a single location in Phoenix. After 42 years of service and expansion to an additional location, WOW acquired the company in 2021.

Smartway Trailer Rentals

Our Smartway brand serves the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Smartway is headquartered in Bradford, ON and we have a new location in Cramahe, ON. Our locations offer 24/7 secure drop-lot storage. Smartway started as a small one-man operation that soon expanded to a full-service business. Smartway was founded in 1994 and became part of the WOW team in 2021.

Colorado Trailer Rentals

Our Colorado brand serves Colorado and its surrounding states with locations in the heart of industrial Denver and in Colorado Springs. 24/7 secure drop-lot storage is offered at both locations. Founded in 1983 and acquired in 2021, Colorado Trailer Rentals serves the Rocky Mountain region.

B&W Trailer Rentals

Our B&W brand serves the North and South Carolina markets with locations in Haw River, NC and Gaston, SC. We provide 24/7 secure drop-lot storage at both locations. After over 30 years of service, B&W joined our team in 2022.

PMF Trailer Rentals

Our PMF brand proudly serves Northeastern Ohio and Pennsylvania, with locations in Cleveland, OH; Erie, PA; and Zelienople, PA. 24/7 secure drop-lot storage is offered at all PMF locations. PMF was founded in 1978 and joined WOW in 2022.

Loue Van Location De Remorques

Loue Van proudly serves Montreal and offers 24/7 drop lot storage. Loue Van joined the WOW family in 2023.